Sunday, November 11, 2012

Uh, oh!

My Friday trip to work on the house was successful in that the blinds are up, thanks to my daughter’s installation skills and my son’s measuring.  Shelf liner is in the kitchen, at least until we ran out, but all the parts that I can’t reach are taken care of, and I can finish on my own.

Then there is the “other stuff.”  Not everything went well.  The washer and dryer unit that I bought on layaway, timed perfectly with the closing on the house so that it would be installed before we moved in,  was indeed delivered and installed.  The washer, however, is dented, so there will be another trip on Tuesday to deal with a second delivery and installation--

Which is just as well, because sometime after I came home on Friday night, leaving a locked and secured house, THIS happened:


That’s the custom-made shower door.  I did open and close the door, but that was some hours before I left, and we walked through the bathroom to the master closet after I closed it.  Thank heavens, it is safety glass, so it shattered into the little squares.  I think these fell out before my son left the house on Saturday afternoon.  I have the number of the company to call tomorrow morning.  I’ll make an appointment for them to come out on Tuesday while I am there.  I have more shelf liner and drawer liner, so while I’m waiting on deliveries, I’ll finish prepping cabinets and vanities and linen shelves! 

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