Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Upcoming Treat

I like to listen to audio books while I do certain tasks or while I knit and spin.  I do listen while driving on the highway.  Where we live, highway driving is relatively empty and monotonous.  I know that driving and listening is controversial, but if I weren’t listening to a book, I would listen to the radio.  I do not listen to a book while driving in town or in traffic because I do find it distracting.  Audio books are much too expensive to buy, so I make do with a system of free books from Librivox, 1 credit a month from audible for those new books that I just can’t stand to do without, my local public library consortium, and an annual membership to the Free Library of Philadelphia.  Because ebooks and audio books are so much in demand now, I keep the Holds section of my library account at the maximum of ten books.  Some of them have quite a waiting list, so I am never sure when one will suddenly become available and pop up in an email, giving me three days to download.  Tonight, I was surprised by the announcement of The Bone Bed, the latest Patricia Cornwell mystery.  I used to really like this series, but I have found some of the later books to be too dark in personal matters for my taste.  I have no idea how I will react to this one, but it will make interesting listening as I am packing more boxes tomorrow. 

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Deb said...

I agree with you about Patricia Cornwell's books. I had to stop reading them because of their darkness.