Thursday, December 27, 2012

A No-Photo Christmas

My last post was written in the peaceful afterglow of Christmas Eve lunch—before the gastrointestinal bug hit me and the respiratory virus hit my husband.  Christmas Day was a blur of napping in bed, trips to the bathroom, napping in the recliner, etc.  Yesterday was much better although I had the energy of a sloth.  This morning I’m still not eating, nor do I want to, although I did down a few vanilla wafers with a cup of warm broth.  I do, however, feel a little more ambitious and have emptied and put away six boxes in the master bedroom and closet.  I think my symptoms were somewhat aggravated by too many pain-reducing pills for my knees, which were suffering somewhat from the extra work in moving and the switch to concrete slab from a pier-and-beam house.  Today, I’m going slow and easy with the box unpacking and so far I’m quite comfortable.

Nevertheless, it was still nice having a quiet Christmas in our new home.  My father passed away at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve several years ago, and my husband’s mother passed away a few years later on the 26th.  Some years that makes the holidays hard; this year we had more to focus on and a new place to do it in, even if we weren’t feeling well.  Besides, we have another Christmas still to look forward to with our daughter’s family.  We’ll have it eventually—they’ve been ill as well.  A friend of mine back in Friona, whose daughter’s flight from Ohio was cancelled due to the weather and postponed until Spring Break, is making plans for leaving her tree in place till April.  I have enjoyed looking out the windows at the white Christmas we are having—already more brown than white.  The old house had high windows that didn’t allow for seeing out unless you were standing there and looking.

A highlight of my Christmas Eve was watching A Christmas Carol on the bedroom television.  I had never seen the version featuring Patrick Stewart although I had listened to his reading of the classic.  I thought the movie was outstanding, even through my miserable physical experience.  Had I not been ill, I would probably have been too busy to watch it.

Shortly, I am headed for a hot shower, a warm lounging robe, and KNITTING NEEDLES.  I promised my son a new hat, and I think it must be time for it.


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Deb said...

That bug is all over the country! I had a touch of bug the week before Christmas and I took a day off from school to recuperate. Luckily it was short-lived. We received approx a foot of snow yesterday so I spent a lovely afternoon watching season 2 of Mad Men with the Roku our kids got us for Christmas. Sure beats watching on the computer screen!