Sunday, December 02, 2012

Do We Know How to Celebrate?

Today is our 35th wedding anniversary.  We actually celebrated yesterday by lunching at The Cotton Patch in Clovis and dropping bags of donation clothes off at the shelter there.  Today, with most of our kitchen packed up, we dined on corn dogs and macaroni and cheese.  In a few minutes we’re going to have more wine from our very expensive bottle—the one that came from the title company for the house closing.  Neither one of us actually likes wine, but we sort of feel compelled to drink it for some strange reason, perhaps because it was technically very expensive.

I’ve packed more boxes today, thrown away more trash items, and come up with a furniture arrangement plan for the living room/dining area at the new house.  In case I can’t win a race with the movers to get there on moving day since I want to stay on this end to make sure everything is properly loaded, my daughter is going to be on the other end to direct furniture placement.  As a backup, I’m tagging all the furniture items with fluorescent flagging tape with the room written on it in Sharpie.  If I’m paying to have things moved, I don’t know why I should have to move them all around again.  There will be a tad more furniture than I had hoped in this space, but I am down two end tables, a chair, 2 lamps, a piano, and a large desk exchanged for a small one.  We’re not getting new furniture, although we hope to invest in a new sofa eventually.  There are a couple of items that I could technically do without, but those are family heirlooms, so I’m keeping them.  I’m afraid that instead of the modern more minimalist 2000s look, my new house is going to look something like grandma’s house, but guess what?  It IS grandma’s house.  I know that the look right now has emphasis on mid-century modern furniture used in some new ways, but I remember that period when it was the new stuff—had it in a couple of apartments, as a matter of fact. 

I had a similar discussion with my son over using white appliances in the kitchen.  Let me say that I do like the look of stainless steel.  If I were young and building a great big cooks kitchen for a family and could justify the professional stainless range and Subzero refrigerator and so forth, I might go for it.  However, I’m going for ease of cleaning and cooking.  I may do really big meals once or twice a year.  I have lived through the following appliance color periods—white;  pink or turquoise or white; copper tone or white; harvest gold or avocado green or white; black or white; black or bisque or white; stainless or stainless on black or white.  Do you notice a pattern?  Right now I have a fairly inexpensive stainless sink that I hate.  I am sure that a quality stainless sink would be a different matter, but unless I could justify the real deal in professional-look appliances, which I can’t, I didn’t want to go for the cheaper stuff.  As for black, it’s getting really hard to read the buttons on a black appliance.

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