Sunday, July 22, 2012

Going Naked!

Sorry!  Nothing really exciting here except the failure of technology.  We’ve been using my mother’s old microwave because ours gave out and hers was here—having been used by her and both grandchildren and then returning to this house.  It was bigger than I needed, but it did the most perfect job of defrosting thoroughly without cooking the outside, so I really treasured it in spite of the fact it took up too much counter space.  It is my understanding that a built-in, or at least a microwave with a built-in spot, will come with the new house, so this one only had to last until Election Day.  Ha!  It died just a few minutes ago.  Actually, it is not dead, but it shoots off sparks like crazy all of a sudden.  I think it is about 15 years old, so I’m not surprised.  We could buy another one, but we can think of a number of uses for even that small amount of money.  I suppose I need to confirm that one is coming with the new place.  If not, we can go ahead and buy one, but if it is, we will wait and see if we can remember how to do without after 30+ years. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Very Important Knitting Post without a Picture!

I tried, but her not-noticing-I’m-taking-a-picture time span is less than my focusing span, even with an I-phone.  My 5-year-old granddaughter is knitting!  I got some of the Pony children’s needles from Jimmy Bean Wools, made a little ball of some orange Red Heart (her favorite color), and cast on 5 stitches and knitted 8 prep rows for a bracelet.  I’m using a suggestion from a Ravelry group.  It will have a button loop at one end and a cool button closure.  We have about 2/3 of a bracelet now.  I’ve been letting her stop and start when she wanted to.  At first, she would only do a stitch or so at a time, and I had to hold the left needle.  Yesterday, it was a whole row, and I had to hold the left needle.  Today she did two rows, and she held her own needle for almost all the stitches.  I think she would have done more, but we were interrupted.  Tomorrow will be our last day for a week.  Then we will have another week to work on it.  Maybe I can get a pic of the finished object!  And then there are the other two granddaughters. . . .

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Looky What I Found !

I am in the process of cleaning out Mother’s hope chest, given to her by my father before their marriage, and passed on to me long ago.  Over the years, it had become a repository for precious mementos and assorted junk that didn’t seem to fit elsewhere.  I’m keeping the mementos and getting rid of junk so that I can use it to store quilts in the new house. 

While sorting, I found this:


It’s a sewing/knitting bag that I never remember seeing before.  There is one little snag in a cross stitch on the bottom left, but otherwise it seems to be in excellent condition.  The fabric is made of weave-it loomed squares of wool yarn.  I know that my mother owned a weave-it (I have it.), but I do not remember this bag or remember her mentioning it.  It is possible that it came from the estate of one of her sisters, but none of them were given to needlework.

Here is a close-up of the bag showing the sateen lining and the detail of the squares:


And, on the inside I found this:


Mother always used a thimble, but this one looks like a slightly smaller size than her usual one, and I know that she had never been to Galveston. 

‘Tis a mystery!

Monday, July 09, 2012

3 More


Sugar ‘n Cream—Westport

Saturday, July 07, 2012


Part of what has had me in a funk was decision making about this:

photo 2(2)

Yep!  That’s a really vacant lot.  Hubby and I are moving, obviously not just this moment, but moving nevertheless.  This will be our first “just because we want to” move, and it has been a hard decision in some ways and an easy one in others.  We’ve been “looking” for more than a year, being very picky, and concentrating on established locations in a city where we have lived before, both as singles and as a couple.  We were definitely NOT going for one of the new areas.  However, looking for a retirement spot is different than looking for a family-raising spot.  Floor space and big yards and number of bedrooms becomes secondary to considerations like easy care, comfort, and not having to replace the water lines/ sewer lines/ gas lines like we have recently had to do in the home where we live now.  New began to look very interesting.  Then I spent a week helping my son get around after his ankle surgery, and this particular subdivision grew on me.  It has easy access to 4 of the 5 main traffic streets into the part of the city that I am most interested in; fairly easy access to two others, and fast access to I-27.  So we are going to be building a house.  Actually, that is really too grand a way to put it.  We are having a standard plan customized a little bit to suit us better.  It will be smaller than where we live now, which is ok.  There will not be steep steps into the house.  The garage with workspace for the hubby, opens to the rear with a paved alley, so that the trash can just roll out to the dumpster.  The yard size will be minimal.  Unfortunately, we are giving up big trees and a shady yard.  Inside, we will have a nice kitchen with lots of storage and a dining area with double windows so we can look out while drinking coffee.  There’s a patio for that also.  We will have a master suite that is big enough and a master bath with one of those really big showers with a bench seat.  There is another full bath and two more “bedrooms,” one of which is going to become a man cave and the other a sewing/knitting/craft room for me with a daybed setup for grandchildren who sleep over. 

We found ourselves thinking things like, “When it snows in the winter, are we going to be able to get out early in the morning with a rear garage?”  Then we remembered that we are RETIRED.  We no longer have to get out early to battle rush hour traffic and ice. 

When we moved into the house where we are living now a few years ago, we moved in a haphazard fashion due to some family circumstances at the time.  In short, I moved back into my mother’s home because she was, quite frankly, in the nursing home and dying after a 15 year battle with cancer.  She was proud of this house and wanted to see us settled before she passed on.  All of her stuff was still in here.  Fortunately, this house had tons of storage because we moved in on top of her stuff.  It was sort of like when William the Conqueror dumped all that Norman French on top of Anglo Saxon.  So, I have to not only sort out what I want to keep of my own stuff that will work in the new house, but also I have to sort through Mother’s stuff, see who wants what heirloom, and get rid of duplicates.  It’s going to take every minute of the 4 months till Election Day—yes, that’s our contracted closing date! 

I am still knitting some dish cloths.  Obviously, I need them for the new kitchen!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Three More


Sugar ‘n Cream, Landscape

2 skeins=3 dishcloths, using the Double Bump pattern over 43 stitches on size 7 needles.  I had this yarn in stash, having bought several skein pairs of different colors at a going-out-of-business sale a few years ago for $1.27 each.