Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Friday, barely

This week began with a very graphic reminder that life is precious and to be treasured.  Thanks be to God for watching over us all.

The house is winding up faster than we are getting ready to move.  By Monday, they are going to be installing the appliances; the tile is completed, I think; the painting is completed, I think.  It’s not that I wasn’t up there this week, but on the day I was there, they had poured the concrete sidewalk in front, the driveway, and the back patio.  Unless I wanted to climb in a window, I could not have gotten in.  I’m relying on communication with the builder right now.

Today, I made absolutely no packing progress.  I did, however, do a little house-related shopping, and we broke down and bought groceries.  We have been “using up,” but we were out of likely combinations, so we bought a bare minimum of items.

I also went to the courthouse about 25 miles away to vote absentee since I have absolutely no idea what I’ll actually be doing on Nov. 6.  That was my first absentee vote ever.  I must say, it was a nice experience.  We are in such an sparsely populated area that we still mark paper ballots.  Our local election judge complains if you don’t stick the ballot in the box the right way.  The County Clerk didn’t care.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mostly Silence, with Breaks

I’m still sorting out and packing.  Much is going to the donation pile and the trash, so the boxes aren’t filling as fast as you would think.  That means, though, that I am doing a monumental-sized declutter, and I’m glad about that.

For recreation, I’m checking the net, watching Presidential debates, listening to audiobooks while I work, and watching a daily episode of the Cadfael series on Netflix.  They posted some that hadn’t been on before.  Alas, I will run out of episodes before the packing is done.  I mention them because the episode that has "Rose Rent” in the title has interesting connections and glimpses to wool processing and weaving in that time period.  I didn’t spot a spinner, which seems like an interesting omission, but perhaps I missed it in the background.

Off to pack another box while listening to The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber. 

Random observation—I know I read somewhere that one of the most easily identifiable smells is new crayons.  I think one of the most easily identifiable sounds has to be tape being pulled off a roll.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Your Opinion Needed

I’m tired of packing boxes right now, so here’s a decorating question for you.

I have a small collection of blue and white Staffordshire historical plates.  They are all of historical events, places, or persons.  Most of them are roughly the size of dinner plates, although that definition varies somewhat.  In addition I have a few of the Bing and Grondahl Mother’s Day and Christmas plates from the 1970s that are 6” and 8” in the same blue color ways.  I also have a small commode table.  I want to create a display in the entryway of the new house.  I’ve always tended toward more formal arrangements of the plates before, and I found this photo on Pinterest:

plates 2

The ceiling is not this high, so any arrangement I would have would be similar to the bottom section of the arrangement.  My setting and table are also nothing like this formal.

On the other hand, I’ve been seeing arrangements that are more informal.  Some of them even have overlapping plates, but I think that would be difficult to pull off because of the shapes of some of my plates.  I did, however, find this photo:

plates 1

What do you think?  Do I dare do something like this?  Would it still be effective in all blue and white tones?  The floor will be a natural looking slate type tile, and I’m planning to use an oriental type rug that I already have.  Please give me some ideas; pictures are welcome.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Last night I babysat with my granddaughter and a little friend while the parents were at a charity event which lasted until very late.  We all piled into the big bed together to watch movies—little kid movies—and I finally did what I had never really anticipated:  I read an entire novel on my iPhone Kindle app.  It was a fairly decent experience.  No, the parents were not gone that long, but I drank two very large, very strong cups of coffee in the late afternoon.  I finally went to sleep sometime after 5 a.m.!  The novel is reviewed on my Goodreads page, link to the right of this post.  It’s the second book in the Gray Whale Inn series.

Today, we went in the house.  There was much more progress than I anticipated.  The walls are all textured; almost all of the crown molding is up.  In the master bath, I actually sat in the shower.  There’s no tile, but the pan and the bench are there.  The area around all the windows was finished so that we could measure for the blinds.  My son measured, and I wrote.  I used to sell blinds, and I was pleased to see how very little difference there was from window to window and from top to bottom, taking 3 measurements in each direction.  We used a foreign made tape measure, so I’m going to double check against an American one before I order.  This way, however, I won’t have to fuss with those temporary blind things—the real thing can be installed before we move in!

And, the kitchen cabinets were mostly in place.  Here are some pictures:

photo 1(5)



photo 2(7)

Refrigerator, corner appliance garage, lazy susan cabinet


photo 3(7)

Microwave slot, another corner setup, range area, sink, dishwasher

This is where I need some help.  If you look at the top picture, you will see that the pantry cabinet—it has a double door, I think—consists of an upper cabinet, a lower cabinet with a large upper compartment with a stationary shelf, and lower pull out shelves.  I need organizing suggestions.  We are from the country, so even though we will be living in the city, we will want to maximize food storage.  We like to have a large variety of canned vegetables and fruits as well as frozen, some canned meats, soups, and staples such as broth and tomato sauce and such.  We also will want dry staples, and items such as beans and rice.  And then of course, there’s junk food and mixes.  Suggestions are welcome.  The cabinet is the depth of a lower kitchen cabinet.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Looky, Looky

Must pack faster; must pack faster. . . .



Tuesday, October 02, 2012

House Update

I made pictures yesterday.  It appears that most of the drywall is also up on the inside.  Here are a couple of pictures of the outside.  I didn’t go in because there were too many workmen and I was by myself and getting strange looks.  The yard was also still a little bit muddy from weekend rains.

A side view:


A front view, taken looking into the afternoon sun:


I don’t know if it shows up much, but we will have a “sittable” front porch, as well as a covered patio on the back.  The thin posts that you see in the picture will be brick columns.