Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Nifty Day or So

After a few days of feeling somewhat blah, today was a really nice day.

(I should add that a break in the blahness was a leisurely visit with a friend and former colleague on Sunday afternoon.  She was in town on family matters and came by to visit and to see the house.  It was great to catch up on things and to visit with her.  Friends from work are the thing I miss most about my profession.)

Last night, I unknitted. A few years ago, I knitted a blanket from Ecowool that was basically a big doily. I discovered that I didn’t like round blankets and that it did not stay blocked like a doily would have. It was ok. I learned about lace knitting from the process, but I stored the blanket and had never used it. I found it in the move, and last night I ripped it all out. That is nice wool to use on another project or two.

Knowing that “weather” was coming in this evening, I zipped out as soon as the stores opened this morning and did a little bit of garden shopping.  As in indoor garden.  I bought a snake plant, or as I always knew it, a mother-in-law’s tongue-to go by the front door.  The side windows practically call for one of something on each side, but I know myself well enough to know that if I go for symmetry, I will be bugged to no end when God does not grow two plants identically.  So for right now, I bought one.  I am pleased to say that he rode home quite happily in the passenger floorboard:


I also bought a really nice windowsill plant tray that was a better fit for the d├ęcor than the one I know I have packed somewhere.  I got a couple of philodendron to go in it for the time being.  I would like to have something flowering, but even though this is an east window, it is on a porch that is several feet deep, and when the morning sun is low enough to get under the porch, it is going to be partially blocked by the houses across the street. 

After the plant excursion, I met up with my daughter and her younger daughter at the Don Harrington Discovery Center for a little while admiring the exhibits I had not seen, but mostly admiring little M interacting with the exhibits.  C and I had a nice but brief visit as well.

This afternoon, I read, cleaned the kitchen a little bit, took a comfy nap in the recliner, and, most importantly, waited impatiently while the shower enclosure was repaired.  Now all the tempered glass has been replaced.  I’ve vacuumed the carpet in the hallway and bedroom and the bare floor and shower stall, reinstalled the freshly washed bath mats, and I’m ready to go tomorrow with the rest of bathroom organization and some more work on the master closet.  My dear husband’s taping job was good enough that they got the shattered window out without having it come apart all over the place.  Tomorrow should be a good at home day because it’s snowing again right now. 

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