Sunday, January 27, 2013


About 7 or 8 years ago, I bought a vintage stained glass window on eBay to hang in my kitchen.  Other projects intervened, and I never got it done.  In fact, the window remained tucked behind some shelving at our store, where UPS delivered everything in those days.  When we sold the business, it took up residence in the back of my SUV for some months.  Then it ended up in the back room of our house.  Now it is proudly hanging in the kitchen window of the new house, thanks to the efforts of my son.  I just finished remaking some panels that I had on hand but really, really like to hang in the gap on each side and draw across the window when needed.  The sill is deep enough for some small plants.  Inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, I used a tension rod between the cabinets to give more stack back room for the curtains to leave more of the glass exposed.  However, I was unable to get a picture that really shows the colors in the glass, which are quite lovely as I sit and look at them—gold, blue, green, and a purply-red in the center of the heart.  The wavy clear glass is attractive as well.  I suspect I need a better fill-in flash to counter the effect of the bright outside light. 


Having grown up in the “perfect pinched pleats” generation, it took a little bit of thinking to persuade myself that the more casual clip ring application was going to be ok, but I think it suits the kitchen.  I tried some white lace panels, but they were too cottagey to suit the rest of the room.  The tension rod came from Penney’s because I caught a sale—the small clips, which are harder to find than the big ones, came from JoAnn’s.  The rod is oil-rubbed bronze to match the kitchen, but I had to settle for black ring clips.  From the floor, you can’t tell.  This installation has been so long in coming that I feel like throwing a party!

The tempered glass for the shower enclosure replacement is supposed to arrive tomorrow.  They are going to replace all the remaining glass in the enclosure, not just the broken part, on the theory that there may have been something wrong with the original tempering process.  I will be glad to have that done so that I can more or less finish up in the master bath and bedroom area.


Deb said...

It looks lovely! I am changing my style with our new house. Having lived in this 1910's house for 30+ years, and before that in traditional colonial" homes, we're going with a much more modern, contemporary look. I am actually striving to have empty counter space! Nothing but the coffee pot and toaster visible. No baskets of fruits/veg, no cachepots of utensils, no lazy susan filled with olive oil and spices ---- just empty counter! My mixer is getting it's very own pop up shelf in its own cabinet, and I will have lots of space for spices and utensils in enclosed space.

Deborah Hamilton said...

The stained glass is beautiful, and you had a great idea of using a tension rod. The curtains are pretty, too. I have that kind in my house, too.