Friday, January 04, 2013


I hesitate to use this word in a blog because there are entire blogs out there written by people who seem to do nothing but organize.  For me, the only reasons to organize are so that it looks better, so that I can find something, and so that it is easy to clean.  Period.  I am really not interested, for example, in systems that require me to put all my grocery purchases in decorative containers with hand-printed calligraphy labels so that everything in my pantry matches.  No thank you.  Right now, part of my pantry is very disorganized because we had a much larger pantry where we lived before, so I’m in the process of using up extras of some items.  Living where a good selection of groceries is easier to come by, we won’t. have to buy quite so much in bulk for just the two of us.  On the other hand, I am working hard to organize my canned goods.  As soon as I stock my organizers, I’ll post a picture..

I am finding that some things you just don’t know how you want until you have time to consider.  I’m glad I didn’t buy too many organizers ahead of time.  My goals for next week are to organize a spice drawer, a luxury I did not have in my former kitchen where drawers were in short supply.  I also want to organize the storage for my baking sheets, muffin tins, etc.  I am also working on the laundry room.  It is built a little bit strangely, so it will be a challenge to make good use of the space.  Today, however, I did hang a small wall “hamper” for our wool socks.  A misplaced cotton sock is no biggie, but a misplaced handknit is something else.  It is also a tragedy when a handknit gets into the hot cycle by mistake.  I am hoping this system will help.  This w/d set has pedestal drawers underneath.  I am trying to decide what will go there.  I am not going to use them for heavy bottles of detergent because the lifting will get to me after awhile.  The top of one of the appliances—too tall for a folding area—will need to also serve as a “landing area” for the garage entrance.  I want some kind of organizer for that.  Then I also have cabinets above the washer.  Unfortunately, I can only reach the bottom shelf, barely.  I am thinking of using the upper shelves for bulk paper goods supplies, which I can reach with a “reacher,” and which won’t break if dropped. 

I also need to get on with the unpacking.  There has been something of a delay due to illness and the holidays, so I’m not quite as far along as I hoped.  I really need a productive week.

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