Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Happy New Year to everyone! 

Knitting Progress—One sock is finished except for the kitchener at the toe.  The delay is because I have to locate a yarn needle.  I put those on a stitch holder for the moment so that I can start the second sock.  In this case, second sock syndrome is less likely than one cold foot syndromeSmile

When we moved, I tried to be very organized about packing and labeling boxes; however, there were those boxes on the end with little dibs of this and that.  When we arrived, I found that I had both my Nooks, my iPhone, and my tiny MP3 players, but no chargers.  Missing was my Kindle2 and all the chargers.  I borrowed an iPhone charger from my daughter, and I’ve been looking for the others because I was, in effect, ereaderless.  With the dropping of the ball last night, my foggy memory cleared, and I remembered that I had packed the ereader bag with chargers in the laundry basket with the extra coathangers.  I hadn’t come across them because I’m not through putting clothes in the closets.  (That’s another story completely.)  I got them out this morning.  I found all the chargers except the one for the K2, but I know it is packed with the battery chargers because I hadn’t been using it right before the move.  Now everything is plugged in and charging up!  I can also return the phone charger to my daughter.  I know that I could have bought another one fairly easily, but I did not want to replace the specialized chargers for the other devices.

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