Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tomorrow Will Be Another Day

Sometimes days don’t work out as we planned—but they turn out ok, nevertheless.

My plans for today included unboxing the one remaining box in the master bedroom, putting those items in the closet, and then using the box for some items-to-be-donated that I have stacked in the bedroom corner.  It was sort of a twofer.  (May I add that I really appreciate the luxury of living where one can phone a number 24 hours ahead of time and request porch pickup of the donations instead of having to drive them 70 miles?).  Alas, it was not to be.

Remember when we bought the house and the shower door shattered?  Well, at 1 a.m. this morning, I was roused by a boom, followed by a sound that at first resembled dripping, splattering water.  After groggily determining that the sound was coming from inside the house, I staggered to the bathroom and turned on the light, only to see this in progress:


That is tempered glass, shattered into thousands of tiny cubes.  It was in the process of completing its fragmentation when I flipped the switch.  The previously shattered door is at the left, intact.  This is the stationary panel between the door and the wall.  I assure you that we have treated that enclosure with extreme care since the previous incident.  I can also assure you that I did not appreciate the attitude of the glass company, with the repetition of, “We’ve never had glass do that before.”  This house is under warranty, so things will be fixed one way or another, but I’m rather disgusted.  There is also one more stationary panel to the left of the door.  I’m holding my breath.

I woke up my dear hubby, and we managed to use box tape to tape the window in place.  I’m not sure how long it will hold, but it gave me time to get essentials from the bathroom.  Unfortunately, the path to the master closet leads through the bathroom.  We moved toiletries and items to the hallway bath, because whatever has to happen will take a couple of weeks since the tempered glass has to be ordered.  I bought another bottle of shampoo rather than risk opening the door.  I am also determined that this time, the repair will be accomplished without dragging a glass-shedding frame through the carpeted bath and hallway.  They can wrap it in plastic or something, if necessary.  I am also keeping the bath door closed so that if it does fall, the cubes will not explode out into the bedroom.  They will be much easier to shopvac off the tile.

I also hustled out to Target this morning for a shower curtain and liner for the other bathroom.  We had just been using it for a tub when we needed one, but fortunately our son had put up the rod and rings last week.  I’m not too sure about the choice of curtains, but I was in a hurry.  It’s all rather beige, but I also have no accessories in place yet, so the room can still be brightened up.


The highlight of the day, however, remained.  This afternoon was the 6th birthday of my middle granddaughter, who was born on the afternoon of a blizzard.  The party, at the tunnel room in the Family Life Center of the First Baptist Church here, was great fun for M and her friends and her big sister.  The cupcakes were good, and the presents were quite satisfactory.  And nothing broke!

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Deb said...

Sounds like there's a flaw in the batch of glass used! I'm getting closer to having key appliance/hardware decisions made! Kitchen cabinets to be ordered this weekend, if all goes well.