Saturday, March 09, 2013

A Miscellaneous Sort of Day

Yesterday, I received an email:

Grandma can you make a sweater
for lucy my baby doll and my
amaracin doll olivia?

This message came from my barely 6-year-old granddaughter, who is just now learning “official” keyboarding skills.  Not bad for a kindergarten girl. 

Who could resist this kind of request?  I hunted up a top down cardigan pattern on Ravelry and grabbed some stash that I had not yet put away and cast on immediately.  This morning, with the aid of a couple of episodes of The Rockford Files, I finished.  There was no gauge listed for the pattern, so I guessed at altering the needles size in my usual way.  It seems like the fabric came out rather firm, but if it is too small for Olivia, it should fit Lucy, so it should still work out. 


One change I would make is to knit the sleeves in the round.  I could have magic looped them.  It would be better for doll dressing purposes not to have weak spots.  Since I’m reasonably sure that I will be making a few more of these—there are the other two granddaughters as well—I will make that modification.  I also want to experiment with different closures. 

My big chore for this afternoon is installing Command hooks in the closet in the craft room to hold my knitting bags.  Right now, it’s the best idea I can come up with, and they will be easy to change if I come up with something better.

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