Monday, March 11, 2013


Some unsorted items got moved to this house from the old house before I culled them.  Yesterday and today, I found some treasures!

A Barbie swimsuit—I have one of the first year Barbies, with the box, stand, etc.  However, I couldn’t find the original swimsuit, a knit black-and-white striped one-piece.  It was tucked under the edge of the shelf paper in a drawer.  Now, we can be original again.

Knitting Needles—My modest collection of straights, from my high school and college days.

A shawl—I knitted this in the early acrylic period.  My mother, who taught me to sew and do other things, never encouraged my knitting.  She was a crocheter, who knitted under the duress of World War II and quit as soon as she could.  She really complained about this shawl when I made it.  I’m surprised that it was tucked away in some of her things.  It is still in perfect condition although the fringe is a little rumpled. I think I knitted it in the early ‘70s and never had the courage to wear it after she criticized it so much. 


I need to take a lesson from this and remember that critical words can last a long, long time. . . .

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Deborah Hamilton said...

That's a nice shawl, and you should wear it. The quilt is pretty, too.