Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More than One Kind of Yarn

I failed to photograph the lovely yarn bowl my daughter’s family gave me last year.  It works beautifully.  When we moved, I carefully packed it in the middle of a tote of yarn, but I have not used it since moving because I had to go through stash to find the right tote.  I realize the green yarn in the photo and the Grandma cup from the other granddaughter make this look like some weird seaweed meal.


Now for the other kind of “yarn.”  In, I think, 2007 because it was after I learned to knit socks and before I got on Ravelry, I began a pair of socks.  If I remember correctly, I was just learning magic loop and this was also one of my first projects using a chart.  I struggled a little.  I am not usually prone to second sock syndrome, but something interrupted progress, and I stuffed the yarn and the completed first sock, which is Fleece Artist, into a drawer and forgot about it.  I found them again when I packed for the move and dumped them into a tote.  Unfortunately, I had no record of what the pattern was.  I am in need of new handknit socks because some of my others are getting really worn out.  Yesterday I came across what could become a pair by only knitting one sock.  I stared at the completed sock, decided the pattern reminded me of some of the socks by Sockbug, and searched on Ravelry and the internet.  No luck.  I finally gave up, printed up another pattern that I like, and decided to knit a second sock and then frog and reknit number one.

However, before settling in for a warm knit, I remembered that we had not gotten the mail in the last two days because all the construction vehicles were parked along the street.  I was not even sure the mailman would have delivered if he had to get out of his vehicle to get to our curbside mailbox.  It was cold and windy and dusty, and I was jumpy after all the heavy equipment vibration from the machine that was packing the earth for the construction next door, so I took the lazy way to checking the mail-- getting in the car in the nice warm garage and driving around the block and pulling up at the mailbox.  With the gusty north wind, it was still a chore getting the mail without losing any of it.  I then drove on around the block to turn in at the alley entrance.  Just as I reached the corner, the word “wave” popped into my head.  I immediately realized it had something to do with those socks.  I ran back inside, searched for “wave socks” on Ravelry, and there it was—the pattern for the Tidal Wave Socks, originally designed for Tofutsie.  The picture confirmed that the pattern was correct.  Isn’t it funny how your brain can pull out the answer when you quit thinking about it?

And, yes, I realize that I could have studied the original sock and probably have deciphered such a basic pattern, but I am in the mood for some easy knitting right now.  I did some television watching, and finished the ribbing and two repetitions of the pattern.  My chart reading is much better than it was, so the pattern was memorized, and I was reading the knitting in nothing flat this time around.

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