Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pictures Not Included

because I’m always afraid of violating a Disney copyright, but I went to the theatre yesterday, at 9 in the morning. My daughter and granddaughters included me when they went to the school production of the new Amarillo Little Theatre Academy show, "Disney's The Little Mermaid, Jr."  They went as homeschoolers, and I used one of the parent tickets because Dad couldn't go.  The musical was very well done, particularly for a first performance involving 60 young people from 5 up.  The singing was great, and the costuming was wonderful.  This was one of the initial productions of the show that Disney recently released.  I'm not sure how much of the creativity was specified in the show itself and how much was due to the local direction, but the show was a visual treat in set and costuming.  I thought the use of 'heelies" to glide all the major sea creatures around the stage was a particularly nice touch.  The scene changes, which were not totally dark, were choreographed as nicely as the dance numbers.  In fact, most of them used the dancers silhouetted against a dimly lighted backdrop.

We happened to be sitting at the end of a group of schoolchildren from one of the more socioeconomically deprived areas of town.  It was wonderful to see their reactions as well as those of my granddaughters.  In addition, of course, the minor sea creatures—tiny children as jellyfish, using transparent umbrellas as costumes, little girl flamingoes, etc.—added  “awwww” moments. 

May I add that as a retired teacher, I would just as soon attend a play with this kind of audience as with dressed up more sophisticated adults.  It also helps to attend a play with a student audience and not be responsible for any of them, of course!

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