Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday Excitement

First of all, any day that includes turning a heel has a little bit of thrill in it.  I keep promising myself I will learn the toe up technique for knitting socks, but I get such a thrill out of the heel turn that I hate to give it up.  Isn’t that kind of silly?


Yesterday was also a mostly spring-like day.  The early breeze was a little chilly, but compared to the day before, it was balmy.  By afternoon, things were great.

The new trees, planted in the late fall, are showing their first blooms, proving that they made it through a rather hard winter.  (My son pointed out that I also got a great shot of the construction workers privy.)


And, the porch rockers arrived.  These are plastic, but they are like one my daughter has that is very comfortable and quite sturdy.  I wanted a dark color because I thought white would be too much contrast for our house and porch.  I do plan to make a couple of inexpensive throw pillows that can be replaced if they are damaged or become stolen.  These were that sort of slide-together design that is used on much of the preschool play equipment.  The first one went together easily, which is surprising because it did not include instructions.  I slid it together myself.  The second one, however, required both my husband and I pounding it up and down on the floor to get the bits to slide into place.  They are, however, just as comfy as I hoped, and I think they will look fine even though they are a little more modern in design than I would have liked.  My heart visualizes the kind of wicker my grandmother had when I was a very little girl, but I don’t want to deal with the maintenance or the expense.  In the picture, you can see the flowerbeds that are ready for spring.  We are still having hard freezes at night, so I’m determined not to plant until after April 15.


Our back patio has a nice set of table and chairs that we brought with us and a chiminea that our son gave us for Christmas.  With shade on the east and west, we should be all set to follow the sun or shade to have some outdoor time.

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Deb said...

Those look like nice rockers! I'm starting to look at new furniture for our new great room --- my present sofa and chair are in dire need of replacement that they will be going to the dump when we move!