Monday, April 01, 2013


First of all, let me say that my hubby’s first surgery, instead of lasting off and on all day, lasted an inch of sock ribbing and one pattern repeat.  The biggest part will be next Monday, but he is feeling less apprehensive since this went well.
Here are comparison pictures of one of the socks I frogged and the new sock that I began today.  I felt this first sock just did not show off the beauty of the yarn, or, for that matter, the knitting pattern:
I decided to switch to a modification of the Lacy Mock Cable Socks pattern.  I have a solid gray pair that I’ve worn for a few years, and they are favorites because the elasticity of the pattern keeps them fitting well.  I think this pattern will show off the yarn’s color changes and intensity much better, and the texture will add that little bit extra.
Miscellany—After two beautiful warm days, we have had a cold front come in, and we are in for a few chilly ones.  It’s supposed to be warm again by Friday. 
This afternoon, they poured the concrete footings for the house being built next door.

Extra knitting note--Another couple was in the waiting room this morning.  The husband was also having surgery.  The wife, who looked far more sophisticated than I, opened her large bag and took out a round knitting loom, hook, and yarn.  My husband immediately asked her if she was making a hat.  She said yes, that the hats were for charity, but she didn't know what charity or where they went.  She referred to a convention that they attend each year.  She and her husband, who also makes hats, take them to the convention and then they are sent somewhere.  They have over 100 ready to go for the next convention.  She asked what I was making, and I told her a sock.  A little later, when both of our men were in surgery, I told her that some of the hats I've knitted for charity require hand-knitted hats done on needles, but that I also knit with a loom to make some hats for a local children's charity.  She seemed to be rather offended that I referred to knitting on a loom, and told me that she did NOT knit--she used a hat maker.  I shut up about knitting and we discussed what was on the tv news in the waiting room.  

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